Confluence of European Water Bodies launched!

Words fail to express the gratitude we feel for what we have experienced in the past three days at the Confluence of European Waters at the Mar Menor, the first ecosystem in Europe with legal personhood. We weaved connectivity and collectivity with waters from Poland to Italy, from Sweden to France, from Serbia to Montenegro, to Germany and the UK. We mourned over lost landscapes and gave way to climate grief. We shared inspiration, creativity and hope and spinned action plans and strategies to represent water all over Europe. But above all, we found back the deep realisation that we come from water, that we are water and that the water speaks to us. Together we can built a vital grassroots movement to regenerate waters all over Europe.

We are the water, the water is us.
We are Mar Menor, the Mar Menor is us!

Thank you Akerselva, Drina, Klarälven, Loire, Mediterranean Sea, Moraca and Tara rivers, North Sea, Pek, Rhône, Senne, Spree, Tejo, Venice Lagoon, Vistula, Wanganui and above of all, Mar Menor!

Somos sol y sal
Yo crecí mirando al mar
Somos sol y sal por ti
Y aunque me quede sin voz
Te entregaré mi corazón
Somos sol y sal
Hasta la raíz