Design competition for students: Give a voice to the North Sea!

What does the political voice of a crab, an eel or a porpoise sound like? How can non-humans best be represented in our democracy? The French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour, winner of the Spinozalens 2020 calls for a ‘Parliament of Things’ in which non-humans should be given a political voice. His call today appears more urgent than ever, as the Earth seems to be ‘hitting back’ with forest fires, melting icecaps and pandemics.

The Embassy of the North Sea, the DesignLab/PhilosophyLab of the University of Twenteand the International Spinozaprijs Foundation are calling upon students at all Dutch and Flemish universities and academies to take part in the Bruno Latour-design competition. The aim of the competition is to come up with an instrument or method related to three urgent North Sea cases that represents the interests of non-humans while linking technology, human /non-human and society. Click here for more information and conditions

Sorry, registration is closed.

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