Embassy of the North Sea curator of Brandstof: Holocene Memorial

Brandstof is the in-depth programme to accompany the exhibition A New Order | A New Earth at Garage Rotterdam (20 November 2020 – 10 April 2021). The Embassy of the North Sea has been invited to curate this February’s edition.

Brandstof: Holocene Memorial

The Holocene is coming to an end. We are saying goodbye to an era during which the North Sea and the Dutch coastline were formed. We are entering a time in which mankind has become a disruptive force of geological proportions.

We must now relate to inconceivably large matters: The planet, the climate. It is quite maddening. Our individual lives are difficult to rhyme with such an enormous, geological responsibility. How do we, humans and non-humans, take care of ourselves and of each other now that the Holocene is coming to an end?

For the occasion of the group exhibition A New Order, A New Earth, the Embassy of the North Sea has been invited to organise this edition of Brandstof. With a wholesome ritual, we will make time and room for reflection and for personal stories and the non-humans we are saying goodbye to are given a voice.

This ritual will be directed by performance artist Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti.

Sunday 10 April 2021 | starts at: 14h [Date to be confirmed!]

Location: Garage Rotterdam

Photo’s: Rik van Santen