00:05:59 Group exhibition @ KABK


Group exhibition MA Photography & Society / KABK

When it’s already 5 minutes past midnight to restore the damage done by dysfunctional ecological politics, we dedicate a pause to the art of listening and rethinking our course of action.

The exhibition 00:05:59, from June 9 – 13, 2024 at the KABK, is the result of a collective research process by 12 KABK students, the Embassy of the North Sea and the Doggerland Foundation. With the Dogger Bank as common ground, the students present the results of their personal interactions and encounters with the non-human inhabitants of the North Sea. Starting from the shared principle: the sea owns itself, they explore effective strategies to strengthen the independence of the sea as an entity.


The Doggersbank, a sandbank miles away from the shore of The Hague is totally invisible to our eyes and therefore hard to imagine. Yet so many political and economic interests are projected onto its perimeter, very humanly sliced into shares for different governments to profit from. It becomes a theatre of distant conflicts at sea that closely affect our lives on land. The construction of the world’s largest offshore windmill farm is just one of the master plans that are disrupting pre-existing natural habitats. Noise pollution and bottom trawling are other consequences of an extractive approach towards a body of water that is merely treated as a resource available for humans, instead of a gift that is inextricably connected to our very elements.


Each work is an attempt to advocate for the rights of nature by re-contextualising or challenging anthropocentric views on the sea and aims to initiate a conversation about the concept of representation and its multiple nuances. By listening, sensing, and observing the marine ecosystem from the different angles of our situatedness, we glimpse the fragility of its existence and harness both informative and speculative ways of storytelling to express a shared concern.

Collaboration with the Doggerland Foundation

The exhibition 00:05:59 is a prelude to our new partnership with the Doggerland Foundation. Together we will work on a four-year programme with four pillars: legal protection, ecology restoration, interdisciplinary research and education & campaign. The aim of the program is better legal, cultural and political representation of the Doggerbank in Europe, with restoration of the underwater landscape as the outcome.

Participating artists: Aline Papenheim, Ana Alves Francisco, Anastasia Miseyko, Andong Zheng, Azin Nafar Haghighi, Fabio Meinardi, Gundega Strauberga, Hana Selena Sokolovic, Jeroen Zwaap, Marna Slappendel, Niside Panebianco, Sarah-Rose Antoun. Tutors: Ola Lanko and Dirk Jan Visser


00:05:59, 9 – 13 juni 2024

Sunday 9 June: 11.00 an – 9 pm; Monday 10 – 13 June: 4 – 10 pm

KABK, Paradise, Groenewegje 136, Den Haag