Trade Winds in the Age of Underwater Currents

Rotterdam based A Tale of a Tub has invited the Embassy of the North Sea to curate a public program accompanying the exhibition Trade Winds in the Age of Underwater Currents on Saturday June 26.

A Tale of A Tub presents solo exhibitions by artists Kristina Õllek (EE), Sami Hammana (NL) and Elisa Strinna (IT) who research the phenomena of deep sea mining, coastal ecology and underwater cable networks and their impact on ocean biodiversity.

On June 26, sound artist and composer Harpo ’t Hart will introduce the work of the Embassy of the North Sea. After a presentation by landscape architect Thijs de Zeeuw about his research on underwater infrastructures from a non-human perspective, Harpo and Thijs will join a discussion with two of the participating artists: Sami Hammana and Elisa Strinna.

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