Veggie eel cooking workshop

Why would you want to make a vegetarian eel sandwich? In this “cook off” workshop, artist Sheng Wen Lo and anthropologist Ruby HSIEH I Hsuan invite you to experiment with taste and smell. How do you make fish without fish? And why is it urgent to think about these questions?

De paling is ook een Amsterdammer

The Embassy of the North Sea listens to the voices of the North Sea. In Amsterdam we listen to the eel by researching the question how non-human stakes can be represented in public space.

In the Oosterdok we are working on an eel park, a place where humans and the underwater world can meet. From 1 to 31 October 2022, the OBA Oosterdok will host a programme about the dialogue with the underworld with videos, workshops, art and film

Thanks to: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten


Saturday 23 October, 15.00 – 18.00

Private Dining, 7th floor OBA Oosterdok

Oosterdokskade 143, Amsterdam

Entrance 15,00 / Sold out