Dams divide, Rivers unite: Save Komarnica Protest Camp

The Embassy of the North Sea and the Confluence of European Water Bodies are supporting the Save Komarnica Protest Camp, from May 1-5, 2024 in Durmitor National Park, Montenegro. Several water bodies from the Confluence of European Water Bodies will participate in this five-day camp on the shores of Lake Poscensko.


The Komarnica River flows through a canyon in the mountains of Durmitor, Montenegro. In some parts of this unique untouched ecosystem, where Europe’s last wild rivers flow, the first human footsteps were not made until 1965. Local activists are protesting against the planned construction of a hydroelectric dam, an ecocide of unprecedented proportions. The dam will not only alter the natural course of the river, preventing migratory fish from reproducing, numerous species will disappear as various habitats are flooded. Dams are not a green alternative to fossil fuels as the government claims, but rather add CO2 to the atmosphere. While the government promotes the hydropower plant as “public interest,” farmers in the area are compensated for a paltry sum and expected revenues will disappear abroad.


The action camp focuses on learning about the local ecology and supporting both the Komarnica and the people in the surrounding villages. The camp consists of sports and cultural activities such as kayaking, rafting, climbing, mountain biking, educational walks in nature, and workshops on traditional agriculture, folk music, art and cooking. During the camp, experts will work on strategies and action plans for an effective protest campaign.


The Confluence of European Water Bodies, a network of water bodies from across Europe unites to represent Europe’s rivers, seas and lakes legally, culturally and politically. Participating water bodies are: Akerselva (NO), Drina (SRB), Klarälven (SE), Loire (FR), Mar Menor (ES), Mediterranean Sea, Moraca and Tara rivers (ME), North Sea (NL), Pek (SRB), Rhone (CH), Senne (BE), Spree (DE), Tejo (PRT), Venice Lagoon (IT), Vistula (PL), Reuss (CH) and Viskan & Lake Vättern (SE).

The second edition of the Confluence of European Water Bodies is scheduled from October 3-7, 2024 in Venice, in collaboration with TBA21-Academy and Ocean Space. More information about the programme will follow soon!