European Conference of Waters 

From September 22 – 25, 2023, the Embassy of the North Sea, together with partners from the ILP Mar Menor (ES), Ocean Space / TBA21 (IT), Earth Thrive (RS) and Natural Contract Lab (TU, PT, SW and BE) is organizing a conference at the Mar Menor in Murcia, Spain.

The Mar Menor lagoon is the first natural entity in Europe granted with legal personhood. A very special location to start a conversation on a European level about the representation and participation of water bodies in politics. With new stories and artistic concepts, the network of waters will investigate, listen to and imagine the common voices of European rivers and seas. The participating waters are: the Mar Menor, the North Sea, the Venice lagune, the Mediterranean Sea, the Tejo rivier, Rhone and Senne River.


During the three-day conference at the Mar Menor from 22 – 24 September 2023, the participating water bodies will jointly investigate how the representation of water can be designed in European politics. The programme will contain in-depth conversations about listening, speaking and representation of waters, fieldtrips with input from ecologists, lawyers and others on the Mar Menor ecosystem, a public ceremony of Sisterhood (Hermanamiento), and a festive and artistic event to which a larger public can join to celebrate the sisterhood of the European waters.

More info to follow soon!

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