Europe’s finest hour festival

Not designed for you

Acoustic and sensory excursion organised by the Embassy of the North Sea for Europe’s finest hour festival

Many species in our European urban ecosystems, such as The European Eel in Amsterdam, face environments that were not designed for them, or even against them. They have no choice but to find their way, struggle, perish, or adapt. So what if we turn this dynamic around? Thijs de Zeeuw and Sheng Wen Lo from the collective of the Embassy of the North sea take a limited number of participants for a small journey outside of Pakhuis de Zwijger – and bring to the surface some of our overlooked senses and sensitivities.

Tickets & info

5 June, 2.30 pm, Buiten op het plein, Pakhuis de Zwijger

Free admission. Please register for this excursion here

Representing Nature

Do Europeans need to reshape their connection with the natural environment? What role can arts & culture play in this? We will discuss with several European artists and initiatives how to open up to listen to our natural environment in Europe in light of extinction, biodiversity loss and climate change.

With: Michiel van Iersel, urbanist and curator; Nahuel Cano, performer, researcher; Christiane Bosman, Embassy of the North Sea

Tickets & info

5 June, 4 pm, Ijzaal pdf, op locatie, free admission

Register here

In collaboration with: Dutch Culture, Goethe Institut, Instituto Cervantes