Onder NAP – met de Ambassade van de Noordzee in Eye

Cinema Ecologica

The flooded island of Funafuti, a flash lecture on fishpeople in Ancient popular culture, disasters in the Netherlands, live music and a round table discussion of the future of the North Sea: could it become a legal entity in its own right? With seaweed suit.

With blockbuster science-fiction films and fish-people, we dive into widely held fears and fantasies around the relationship between humans and fish, as reflected in popular culture. Will humans and fish merge, creating new beings? With live music from pianist Keiko Shichijo.


— A flash lecture by classicist Emilie van Opstall on fish-people in Ancient popular culture: Atlantis, the Sirens, parting seas.

— A compilation of confrontations with actual disasters and near-misses in the Netherlands and how we are trying to defend ourselves using technology. Crammed with material from the Eye collection on the North Sea Flood, the construction of the Afsluitdijk, the Wieringermeerdijk and the floods of 1916/1926. With live music.

— Round table discussion of the future of the North Sea: should it be granted its own legal status? Can lawyers, artists and musicians speak on behalf of the North Sea and defend it? Moderator: Ruben Jacobs (sociologist, author of Artonauts and The Green Century). Participants: Theun Karelse (artist) and Laura Burgers (lawyer, to be confirmed) and Darko Lagunas (anthropologist).

— That Which Is to Come Is Just a Promise (Flatform, 2019). On the island Funafuti, in the Tuvalu archipelago, drought follows flood in a relentless rhythm. This flux is reflected by the actions of the islanders, who seem to have become acclimatised to the island’s climatological extremes. For some years now, Funafuti has seen a unique phenomenon: the unnatural warming of the sea is causing saltwater to penetrate the ground then percolate up through the porous landscape, causing flooding that threatens the future of life on the island.

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Eye Film Museum Amsterdam

31 August, 19.15 – 21.00 uur