Online conference: Nature’s voice, How to represent nature in the democratic debate?

Tuesday February 23, 2021 at 6.30 pm, the Embassy of the North Sea / Anne van Leeuwen, participates in the online conference: Nature’s voice: How to represent nature in the democratic debate? organized by MEP Marie Touissant, supported by the Greens/ EFA.

Recognizing nature rights can take different forms – in various places, activists, artists, researchers, indigenous communities and grassroot communities have been granting rights to natural commons and ecosystems including the right of being represented in collective deliberation and political decision making. As we are facing the collapse of entire ecosystems, it is the fate of our democracies that is at stake : how to make them evolve to take into account the necessary harmony with natural commons that guarantee our life ?

The concept of nature’s rights invites us to rethink our democracies in order to take into account the interests of nature in all of our collective decisions, along with the interests of future generations. In France, around the Loire Parliament, in Sweden, in Spain… and all around the world, citizens, ecosystem users, and elected officials are already inventing a new framework for reflection and political decision-making. This will be the subject of the fourth webinar of our series “Towards a European recognition of the rights of Nature”, initiatied by MEP Marie Toussaint at the European Parliament, with the support of the Greens/EFA.

Together with:

—  A representative of the Loire Parliament, an initiative by the POLAU, Pôle Art et Urbanisme

—  Maria Lucia Correia Cruz, Artist

—  Rebecka Le Moine, Member of the Swedish Parliament

—  Graham Smith, Professor of Politics, University of Westminster

—  Anne Van Leeuwen, Embassy of the North Sea

Live on Facebook (in English), and on Zoom (with French interpretation):