The Holocene Memorial at EVPA Impact Week

The Embassy of the North Sea is invited to present a talk and workshop at the Impact Week organized by EVPA, investing for impact in Brussels, 1 December 2022.

Impact Week brings changemakers together to mobilise capital for true social transformation. Impact Week is about sharing fresh ideas that can enable net-zero economy, ease inequalities and elevate economic and social prospects for all.

The Embassy will present the Holocene Memorial. During a ritual we will say goodbye to the old ideas in the Holocene. No longer can Nature be considered a resource and a passive backdrop for human activities. When we want to act effectively in this new reality, we have to first come to terms with it, so we do not try to solve yesterday’s issues. In order to be realistic in the face of such enormous changes, we need to do some emotional work and create a moment for contemplation. We need to grieve the Holocene and the things and ideas we will have to leave behind us, in order to be able to move forward.