Watery field work week Atlas Invisible Zeeland


The Embassy of the North Sea is hosting a watery field work week from May 22-26, 2023 as part of the research for the Atlas: Invisible Sea land.

For centuries, atlases depicted what people could see: roads, rivers and mountains. In these times when nature – and our relationships with it – is so in flux, we need images and stories that reveal the invisible patterns and processes that shape our lives. Animals, plants, wind and water are crucial informants and guides in this regard, gifted with a vast array of senses and forms of intelligence.

The Atlas Onzichtbaar Zeeland is created based on fieldwork and other forms of research and in collaboration with various Zeeland partners, experts, interest groups and experts by experience. Thus we discover the soundscape of porpoises in the Oosterschelde, the history of the archetypal Dutch “battle against the water,” the drowned Zeeland villages and Zeeland as a refueling station for migratory birds on their way from Africa to Siberia. In conversation with all these actors, new perspectives emerge that create space for conversation and dialogue. With the Atlas, we also want to make the conversation political: what are the (invisible) interests, and where do they clash, or do they coincide?


Starting point for the research are 8 maps that will be created around the topics: porpoise; eel; policy; myths and narratives; dunes; water and altitude map Zeeland Delta; drowned villages and sea, ocean & economy.

The working sessions are private, for each session a small group of 3 to 5 people will be invited.