Whose Ocean? reading group

This biweekly reading group, the last one on 24 June 2024, adds inspiration and discussion to Whose Ocean?, a transdisciplinary ocean justice project organized with Utrecht University’s Pathways to Sustainability. Its overarching goal is to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to engage in collective reading, emphasizing the importance of building momentum with the Assembly approaching in nine months.

Each reading session, chaired by a different researcher involved in the project, focuses on a selected term or topic, contributing to the development of a glossary for the Whose Ocean? assembly. Through the input of the group, diverse knowledges are integrated in each session. As such, the sessions will not only assess ocean science, but combine it, for example, with poetry, legal studies, and gender studies.

The sessions are open to everyone. Please send an e-mail to marianna@casco.art to receive the reading materials; and if you are interested in or have other questions related to the Whose Ocean? project.

The dates are 9 April, 13 May, 27 May, 10 June, 24 June (15:30–17:00).

The readings for the first session are:

Keywords: archipelago, relation, opacity

Readings from Humanities: Excerpts from Poetics of Relation by Martinican cultural critic/poet Edouard Glissant. “Errantry, Exile” (p. 11-22); “The Relative and Chaos” (p. 133-140) [also about sciences, humanities and poetry]; “Distancing, Determining” (p. 141-157).

The readings for the second session are:

Keywords: extractivism, capitalism, modernity

Readings from Humanities: Liam Campling and Alejandro Colás: Capitalism and the Sea (2021). Chapter 1: Introduction: A Terraqueous Predicament (p. 1-25).

The readings for the third session are:

Keywords: reparations and the sea

Readings from Humanities: Ellen van Neerven, “Water”, Heat and Light, University of Queensland Press, (p. 69-123).

Readings from Natural / Social Sciences: Texts on Marine Carbon Dioxide Removals.

Photo: cover of the original Poetics of Relation book.