Working on Common Ground: closing conference at Triennale di Milano

The Embassy of the North Sea is looking forward to take part in Working on Common Ground, the closing conference of Have we met? Humans and non-humans on common ground, taking place on 29 November at Triennale Milano’s Salone d’Onore.

If design can help us to counter the ongoing ecological devastation of Earth, and can support the cultivation of mutually supportive relations between humans and non-humans, this should inform not only the cultural imagination, but also governmental policies, legal frameworks, and broader social infrastructures. With this aim the conference Working on Common Ground takes the ecological realities of Dutch and Italian environments as points of departure to explore the potential for fostering multispecies communities.

Designing the problem

The Embassy of the North Sea is participating in the Triennale exhibition, curated by Het Nieuwe Instituut with a project, related to our off shore windfarm research case. In the coming years, the North Sea will be filled with wind turbines producing renewable energy and aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. This initially appears laudable as it supports the long-term liveability of the planet, but a closer look reveals that such devices threaten to repeat past mistakes, destroying both human habitats (through mining) as well as non-human lives at sea.

Working on Common Ground is organised in collaboration with cheFare, agency for cultural transformation from Milan. Read more about the Dutch contribution to the Triennale di Milano here.

With ao: Caterina Benincasa (IT); Embassy of the North Sea (NL); Joost Emmerik (NL); Marianna Frangipane (IT); Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (NL); Laura Scillitani (IT); Stefano Maffei (IT); Fiona Middleton (UK); Bertram Niessen (IT); Maike van Stiphout (NL); Studio Ossidiana (NL); Nicoletta Tranquillo (IT)