Launch of the Conference of European Waters on World Water Day

On 22 March 2023, World Water Day, the Embassy of the North Sea announced the launch of a new multi-year project, the Conference of European Waters.

The Embassy of the North Sea strives for a blueprint for an ecological policy in 2030, also in Europe. Together with our partners from the ILP Mar Menor (ES), Ocean Space / TBA21 (IT) and Natural Contract Lab (TU, PT, SW and BE), we started a conversation about the representation and participation of water bodies in democratic procedures in Europe. With new stories and artistic concepts, we investigate, listen to and imagine the common voices of European rivers and seas. The participating waters are: the Mar Menor, the North Sea, the Venice lagune, Tejo rivier, Rhone and Senne River.


The first milestone is a multi-day conference at the Mar Menor in September 2023. The participating water bodies will jointly investigate here how the representation of water can be designed in European politics. Next: a meeting in 2024 in Brussels where the waters will cause a collective wave in the public European debate.

To get to know the participating water bodies, their representatives and the team, and to keep an eye on developments have a look here!

Graphic: Eva van Bemmelen