Find here a selection of interesting articles and publications related to the Embassy of the North Sea and the Parliament of Things.

— What if the North Sea had a voice?, article in Atlas of the Future, June 10 2021

— Novel Overtures to the More-than-Human World by David Bollier, originally published by David Bollier blog., March 10 2021

Reimagining the relationship with other species in the Anthropocene: Perceptual room escape “F/EEL” by Li Xinjie, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Experimental Ground, 11 maart 2021

— Waiting for Gaia. Composing the common world through arts and politics_Bruno Latour, a lecture at the French Institute, London, November 2011

— We don’t seem to live on the same planet_Bruno Latour A Fictional Planetarium. Catalog Beyond the Horizon: Designs for Different Futures, Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2019

—  ‘Is This a Dress Rehearsal?’, Bruno Latour, March 26 2020 [EN]

— Mobilis in Mobilae: guiding principles for the Anthropocene [werkexemplaar], Dirk Sijmons, 25 maart 2020


— Latour, B. (2017) Facing Gaia. Eight Lectures on the New Climatic Regime, Cambridge, Polity Press.

— Latour, B. (2018) Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climate Regine, CambridgePolity Press.

— Lowenhaupt Tsing. (2015) The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins, Princeton: Princeton University Press.

— Haraway, D. (2016) Staying with the Trouble. Making Kin in the Chthulucene, Durham: Duke University Press