A voice for the eel at ARCAM

Amsterdam will be a circular economy by 2050. What does this transition mean for residents, businesses, flora and fauna? Can urban growth be sustainable, and how do we see this reflected in the built environment? To give shape to the circular ambitions, the City of Amsterdam uses an elaboration of the ‘doughnut model’ developed by British economist Kate Raworth especially for the city. This model describes economic development that respects the limits of the planet as well as those of a fair society.

A Voice for the eel

EndLESS Amsterdam tells the story of the compact, circular city through the eyes of the beast, the resident, the company, and the municipality. The Embassy of the North Sea shows the circular city through the eyes of one of its underwater inhabitants – the eel. Landscape architect Thijs de Zeeuw and aquatic ecologist Maarten Erich investigate how the eel is part of our society and how its interests can be represented in Amsterdam’s politics. Yet, how do we get to know this mysterious animal? How do we know what it wants? To this end, the team did not only dive into the water itself, but also had discussions with various Amsterdammers who already have a relationship with this mysterious fish. The research translates a physical, speculative quest for the world of eels into proposals that help these Amsterdammers – and thus the underwater landscape of Amsterdam – better understand and improve.

EndLESS Amsterdam — The circular city in the making

The Embassy of the North Sea is conducting research into the representation of the eel in our society. A Voice for the Eel can be seen from 20 November 2020 — February 2021 in ARCAM as part of the exhibition EndLESS Amsterdam – The circular city in the making

The interactive exhibition EndLESS Amsterdam can be seen in all areas of the ARCAM pavilion.

20 november 2020 — 28 februari 2021

ARCAM — Prins Hendrikkade 600, Amsterdam