A NEW ORDER | A NEW EARTH in garage Rotterdam

curator: Imke Ruigrok — artists: Ambassade van de Noordzee (Harpo ‘t Hart Daan ‘t Sas), Zheng Bo, Johan, Grimonprez, Idiots, Jan Koen Lomans, Annika Kappner, Solange Pessoa, Pinar&Viola & Viola Renate — curator Brandstof: Ambassade van de Noordzee


Humanity has made itself the main actor on planet earth. In this process, we have gradually come to see ourselves as a separate entity from nature. Nature has become something that we see as an ‘other’. Something we can control and exploit. Currently, we consume and pollute at such an alarming rate that nature cannot restore itself — a reality which the current Covid-19 crisis has made clear.

What if we change our view on nature and how we relate to it? Can we empathize and realign with nature? And do we have the courage to look at the world from its perspective? We are invited into a world with a different hierarchy. The group exhibition A New Order, A New Earth presents us with multiple world views; and not just the dominant western scientific paradigm.

A New Order, A New Earth brings together visual arts, quantum science, philosophical traditions as well as ancient shamanistic wisdom and AI technology. Nine international artists, thinkers, and scientists have created visions of an alternative relationship between man and nature. Re-envisioning us as (part of) nature, instead of separate from it.

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21 November 2020 — 7 February 2021#

Goudsewagenstraat 27, Rotterdam