The Parliament at school

On 24 November 2020, Bruno Latour will be awarded the Spinozalens prize, in Amsterdam. In the runup to this presentation ceremony, we are organising the educational programme The Parliament at school for pupils of year 4 in higher general secondary education (havo) and year 5 in pre-university education (vwo).

Via the Association of Philosophy Teachers in Secondary Education (VFVO), for the autumn of 2020, philosophy teachers are offered a unique work programme. The central element of this programme will be Bruno Latours call for political representation for non-humans. In our educational programme The Parliament at school, we will be focusing on all residents of the North Sea.

Latour’s theory is introduced on the basis of the case of the cargo ship MSC ZOE that lost at least 345 containers off Ameland on 1 January 2019. This case is the leitmotiv of the lessons. What are the consequences of this disaster for the sea? How does it affect people, animals and things? And, how do we think about the relationship between humans and “nature”?

The full programme is only in Dutch.