Designing Selfrepresentation of Water Bodies in Europe

The Embassy of the North Sea is working on a blueprint for a European ecological policy in 2030. Together with our partners from the ILP Mar Menor in Murcia, Spain and Ocean Space / TBA21 in Venice, Italy, we have begun a European conversation about the participation of water ecosystems in politics. Research and experiences from different countries are being shared and strengthened through the network of water bodies. At the same time, we are working toward a paradigm shift that contributes to a European ecological policy.

In 2023, the Embassy of the North Sea will expand this network with inspiring European partners who share our mission and are committed to the representation of water. We are planning to jointly prepare a design aimed at the representation and participation of these bodies of water in democratic procedures in Europe and Brussels. With storytelling and artistic research and concepts, we investigate, listen to and imagine the common voices of European rivers and seas.