Dogger Bank, Breeding Ground of the North Sea

Representing, imagining and restoring the Dogger Bank

From 2024-2027, the Doggerland Foundation and the Embassy of the North Sea are working on a joint programme aimed at representing, imagining and restoring the Dogger Bank. The Dogger Bank is a sandbank in the middle of the North Sea. Despite its severely degraded state, the Dogger Bank is also called a breeding ground of the North Sea . Covering an area of 25,000 km2, the Dogger Bank forms the heart of a network of marine protected areas needed and required to restore the North Sea-ecosystem.

Divided into a British, Dutch, German and Danish part, the Dogger Bank is the scenery of many international political and economic interests in shipping, fisheries and energy. The construction of the world’s largest wind farm is just one of the master plans threatening this area. In addition, noise pollution and bottom-fishing are disturbing marine life on a daily basis. These are the many consequences of the extractive attitude towards the sea, which is too often seen as an unlimited resource available to humans, instead of a living entity belonging to itself. 

Technocratic versus watery reality

Despite rules and regulations that seem adequate on paper, in the ‘watery reality’ the Dogger Bank ecosystem is deteriorating. Critical and independent voices are hardly heard at the negotiation table, nature organisations are under pressure to operate within the agreements of the government and market parties. This discrepancy between the technocratic system and the living world is the reason for the Embassy of the North Sea and Doggerland Foundation to join forces in a three-year cross-disciplinary programme aimed at protecting and restoring the Dogger Bank seascape. More info to follow soon!