Future of the Delta

The hard, modernistic dividing lines formed by the Delta Works have in part removed the freedom of movement of the water, sand and other communities. As a consequence, the self-determination and options available to the sea and the delta to interact have been reduced. Action groups calling for an open Oosterschelde have come up with a radically different answer to the problem of sea level rise: they wish to once again allow the sea to flow freely into Zeeland, and in that approach see more opportunities than threats for both the people of Zeeland and nature. Could sea level rise actually force us to re-establish the dialogue with natural processes and non-human populations?

The research team Future of the Delta, consisting of Professor in Biogeomorphology of rivers and estuaries Maarten Kleinhans, sociologist Darko Lagunas and artist Theun Karelse is considering the question how we can best listen to the various delta communities and how we can enter into dialogue with non-humans. Via a series of reconnaissance operations and fieldwork on location, we hope to contribute to a more inclusive approach to spatial planning along the coastline.