Podcast Voices of the North Sea

Radio maker Jesper Buursink (a regular contributor among others to the nature programme Vroege Vogels) has joined editor Carlijn Haringsma and radio maker Eli Guerrero in creating the podcast series Voices of the North Sea. For the Embassy of the North Sea, they are travelling through the various countries around the sea. On their journey, Jesper and Eli will meet a varied cast of characters, all of whom have some sort of connection with the North Sea. They range from an expert in wind turbines through to an engineer on the Haringvliet lock system, and from an investigator of ammunition dumpsites through to a Filipino seaman. “My goal is to present as many voices of the North Sea as possible, to a listening audience. Not only the voice of a researcher or artist, but just as importantly the voice of a crab, a fishmonger or a prawn fisherman. From top to bottom, from left to right.” These stories can be heard in the ever-growing podcast series Voices of the North Sea.

You can listen to the Voices of the North Sea via all the regular podcast channels including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

The first editions are only available in Dutch; from mid-2020, we will be starting a new series in English.

We will also be sharing new stories via our newsletters.