A Voice for the Eel

In and around Amsterdam the Embassy of the North Sea will be investigating new forms of cohabitation with the eel and its environment with a team that includes landscape architect Thijs de Zeeuw, marine biologist Maarten Erich and artist Sheng-Wen Lo. In particular the research team of A Voice for the Eel will be focusing on the interaction between eels, politics, infrastructure and other factors that influence life underwater. The aim is to gain a greater insight into the perceived world of the eel, from a range of different artistic and scientific perspectives, that will be followed up by practical designs and policy proposals aimed at improving the representation of this animal in Amsterdam.

The programme will take place at three different locations, each of which form a different part of the eel’s habitat: agricultural drainage ditches, Central Amsterdam and IJmuiden. At each of these locations we will dive below the surface to engage in a dialogue with the eel and the eel community, and together with the public we will go in search of new forms of cohabitation with this non-human.