The Audement

A nature-inclusive democracy also requires new political spaces. That is why the Embassy of the North Sea is building a political arena called the Audement. Unlike in the parliament, where talking to people is central, the Audement is about listening to non-people: the water, the sand, the fish and the seagulls.

Research on The Audement focuses on both spatial design and the design of practices that enable people to better listen to non human entities.

The Audement was developed by the Embassy of the North Sea in collaboration with Studio Ossidiana, scenographer Tim Vermeulen, lawyer and researcher Dr. Daphina Misiedjan, anthropologist and action researcher Darko Lagunas and sound artist Harpo ‘t Hart.


Site-specific installations of the Audement were on view in 2021 at Oerol, Terschelling and at Museum Arnhem at the exhibition Ten minste houdbaar tot.

Editions of the Audement designed by Studio Ossidiana were presented at RE_NATURE Den Bosch and at the International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam.

This installation consisted of a series of sitting and feeding poles for birds, on a pile of shells and sand. While birds feed and play there, they disperse seeds and fertilize the soil, thus becoming the gardeners of this place. The Audement is a place to observe and be observed, to eat and gather, to spot birds or to look for the mussels, razor clams, oysters and sea snails under the gaze of the birds.

The Audement was realized with support from the Creative Industries Fund and BPD Cultuur Fonds.

Photos: Eva Broekema, Paul Vermeulen