Cecylia Malik

Vistula River / Rivers Sisters

Cecylia Malik is is visual artist and environmental activist. She is part of the Save the Rivers Coalition. She is the author and the leader of the nationwide social campaign and collective ‘River Sisters’. In her activist works Malik uses tools from the field of art to generate social situations that are suggestive of performance pieces. The forms she proposes easily become protest objects that are duplicated and employed by other participants. Simple, catchy, and expressive visual language becomes an additional tool for articulating both the emotions and the demands of the people involved, whether in defence of nature or seeking to rescue the modernist landmarks of Kraków. Her beloved rivers are Vistula and Białka.

Author of many artistic projects, film “River Sisters” „356 Trees“ (2009-2010) Trees’ and ‘6 Rivers’. Co-founder of ‘The Alcon Blue Collective’ – an action in defense of Cracow Zakrzówek against construction and a cyclical event on the Vistula River ‘Water Critical Mass’. In 2017 she initiated the action ‘Polish Mothers on Tree Stumps’ / ‘Polish Mothers at the Felling” against the LEX Szyszko law. She has won many awards including the 2017 Person of the Year of Polish Ecology Award and the 2018 Katarzyna Kobro Award.