Leon Lapa Pereira

Creatief producent European network

Leon Lapa Pereira joined the Embassy of the North Sea in 2023 as producer of the project Designing Self representation of water bodies in Europe. He is a cross-disciplinary performance researcher who develops experienceable ecologies between humans and more-than-humans. Coming from an engineering background and having experienced the fast-growing start-up culture in Berlin, he started to question the way of knowledge production. During his Master’s ArtScience, he established a performative practice based on movement and robotics. Besides his own practice, he is a curator at Instrument Inventors Initiative and coordinator at the Performance Technology Lab. Additionally, he co-founded the WASTELAND Festival, the interdisciplinary residency program Resonant Bodies in Georgia, is a teacher at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and joined the Embassy of the Northsea in 2023.