Maarten Erich

aquatic ecologist

As an aquatic ecologist, Maarten Erich has long been fascinated by the creatures that live in, the processes that make up and the influence humans have on our underwater world. In a wide variety of projects, he has sought challenges by adopting a number of interdisciplinary perspectives, which he then communicates to the public. Via the Embassy of the North Sea, he became fascinated by the principles of Bruno Latour that offer a completely new perspective. During the eel case, he will safeguard the natural science aspects. He will be researching the eel in and around Amsterdam to identify its needs. Together, the team will bring to the surface the information you need to enjoy a new introduction to the eel.

‘We all know smoked eel on the market. But did you know that every eel has completed a journey across the world, before growing up in our canals? Do you have any idea how our lives are interwoven and what obstacles eels face, or what these fellow city dwellers really need?’