Markus Schärli


Markus Schärli is the founder and first president of the association “Rechtsperson Reuss” ( who wants to empower the river Reuss by giving him constitutional rights and an own personality. The target shall be reached by a popular initiative on the level of the canton Luzern/Switzerland. The following paragraphs shall be implemented in the constitution of Luzern:

  • Section 10 para. 3 KV (new)

The rights of non-human beings must be respected and protected.

  • Section 10bis KV (new) Protection of the non-human natural person “Reuss”

1 The Reuss has the right to represent its own interests as a hybrid personality in the legal system.

2 The Reuss has the right to physical integrity, in particular to clean water.

3 Any cruel or degrading treatment of a natural person in and on the Reuss is prohibited. Their right to physical integrity must be respected.

Markus graduated at the University of Fribourg as an economist (Dr. rer.pol.) and studied Law at the University of Luzern. He worked as a Journalist for Radio, Television and Newspaper – and is still working as a Court Reporter for Republik ( He has also worked as a Communication Specialist and Managing Director for the Banking Industry, as Lecturer at several Universities, as Founder of a start-up company for online-learning and as owner and head of a small communication company (