Sheng-Wen Lo


What is life like for an eel in 2020? Sheng-Wen Lo will be studying this question with the research team A Voice for the Eel. Can we translate this animal’s perceptions into human senses and cognition? How can people interact with the eel in a playful manner, and engage an indifferent audience? Finally, why are these questions important in this specific time and place?

Sheng-Wen is a Taiwanese artist who lives and works in the Netherlands and currently holds a residency (2019-2020) at the Rijksacademie. Shen-Wen is interested in contemporary human-animal relationships and attempts to encourage dialogue between both groups. Through a variety of methods, instruments and prostheses, including his Extendable Ears (2019), he places himself in the perspective of animals.

For the manifestation Welcome to the Parliament of Things, November 2020, Sheng-Wen Lo worked together with Yi-Fei Chen on F/EEL, an interactive installation in the Schietbaan, at the Marineterrein Amsterdam.