Theun Karelse


Theun examines the experimental interfaces between art, ecology, technology and archaeology. He recently developed research programmes consisting of fieldwork and critical reflection. To carry out the work, he assembles teams dealing with specific themes such as machine wilderness or environmental literacy, made up of people from very different (also non-Western) backgrounds. These themes are examined in fieldwork sessions by means of experimentation, in-situ prototyping and direct observation.

In the words of Theun Karelse, “My family has been living in Borssele for generations. Borssele is a tiny village on the Westerschelde. I made my way to Amsterdam via the Sandberg Institute, but I still consider myself a Zeelander. I mainly work in the form of fieldwork and the fantastic news is that we will now be visiting the Delta with the Embassy! I am fascinated to find out what the Oosterschelde can teach us about creating space for natural processes and populations. How can we listen to them in an environment which for centuries has allowed so little space for their ‘voice’?’’

Photo: Nichon Glerum