Ziega van den Berk

Landscape architect

Ziega van den Berk (1987) is a landscape architect and spatial designer. She studied interior architecture at Sint Lucas in Boxtel, Spatial Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts and landscape architecture at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. She graduated (cum laude) with her project: Doggerland the nursery for the North Sea, where she designed a wind farm for the Dogger Bank, a shallow ground, approaching the assignment from the existing landscape and marine life. With this project she was nominated for the Archiprix of 2021 and the NVTL talent award 2022. She has been working as a public space designer and landscape architect at MUST since 2013 and works on a wide range of assignments across all scale levels in both city, landscape and seascape. She is also a guest lecturer at the Academy of Architecture. Ziega has a broad interest in social and ecological forces and is unconditionally committed to making the living environment more livable for humans, animals and plants.