Mediterranean sea / GARN Europe / Earth Thrive

Deep environmentalist, holder of MSc in environmental Decision Making and full design certificate in Permaculture Design.

Founder and director of award winning Food Up Front – urban permaculture food growing in London 2006-2008.

Community outreach and organiser at the Eradicating Ecocide – pioneering initiative for the international law of Ecocide – recognising that mass destruction of nature is a criminal offence against Nature and ecosystems. 2009-2013

Founder & Director of Earth Thrive working on prevention of ecocide & establishment or Rights of Nature in the Balkans & MENA regions.

Currently concentrating on native Serbia where Earth Thrive is bringing world class experts to the country and taking the local and national environmental problems to international levels and institutions like Bern Convention and UN Special Rapporteurs for Human Rights.

Facilitator of the European Hub of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature promoting rights of all living beings to inherent and inalienable right to life.

Organiser of the successful 2021 Rights of the Aquatic Ecosystems of Europe Tribunal where she also presented the case of the Small Dam Ecocide over the Balkan/Serbian rivers.