the Audement no.2 in Museum Arnhem

In the renovated Museum Arnhem, the Embassy of the North Sea presents the Audement no.2 in the exhibition Consume by.

the Audement

The Embassy of the North Sea listens to the political voice of the North Sea. To enable ourselves to listen to the voices of non-humans, we are building a new political arena called the Audement. Unlike a parliament, where people talk to each other, the Audement is all about listening: listening to the voices and stakes of non-humans: the water, the sand, the fish and the seagulls.

In an installation specially developed for Museum Arnhem, the embassy invites the audience to come and listen to non-human life that is just below, above or next to us, in and around the museum. Wander through a landscape of speakers and meet the many creatures in and around the museum in their own time dimensions. The work includes a handout with instructions to help explore the Arnhem landscape, designed by Corine Datema.

The Audement is a concept by sound artist Harpo ‘t Hart in collaboration with Studio Ossidiana, scenographer Tim Vermeulen, lawyer and researcher Dr. Daphina Misiedjan and anthropologist and action researcher Darko Lagunas. The installation in Museum Arnhem is developed in collaboration with designer Corine Datema, aquatic ecologist Maarten Erich and photographer Dirk-Jan Visser. Thanks to Gosse de Kort.

The Audement is being developed with the support of: Creative Industries Fund NL, VriendenLoterij and Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen Foundation.


Consume by is from 13 May – 9 January 2022


Foto: Het Audement no. 2, Ambassade van de Noordzee. Museum Arnhem/ fotograaf Eva Broekema