Order a sea breeze and support the Embassy of the North Sea!

ZEELUCHT is a new and exclusive scent artwork, developed by scent artist Frank Bloem, commissioned by the Embassy of the North Sea. Like a brisk stroll along the North Sea coastline, ZEELUCHT is a crisp, refreshing scent of pine, beach grass, algae and dune rose. Made with real North Sea water, the trained nose will also detect hints of horse fig and a delicate breeze of tar in the background. Experience how these scents unfold with every step.

With packaging designed by Corine Datema, ZEELUCHT is the result of Bloem’s 2019 sea air research, for which he collected 40 scents from, in and around the North Sea. Read more here..

ZEELUCHT is available for € 59.50 (VAT included, shipping excluded)

By ordering a copy of ZEELUCHT you are not only inviting the sea on your skin or into your house, you are also supporting the work of the Embassy of the North Sea!


Photo: Nichon Glerum